Before 2013 gets here, think about quitting …

The end of one year and the fresh start of another is the perfect time to think about quitting.


Isn’t a new year the time when we make goals and set objectives for new ventures, new challenges, new disciplines?

Yes, which is why you need to think about quitting.

Many people start many things but don’t finish them. They just keep adding to their lives new starts upon new starts, and before you know it, their lives are laden down with a whole lot of unproductive activity and extraneous stuff.

Before starting new endeavors in the new year, take time to look at what you have started this year (or years past!) and don’t really intend to finish, and determine what you need to quit and clean out before loading on new commitments.

The likelihood of your being successful at or completing new starts in the new year will be directly impacted by the current level of commitments and clutter you already have. So take a little time to look at what you should continue with into the new year, and what you should quit so you can have an uncluttered start to 2013.