If you want something better in 2013, you will need to do this …

For some people, 2013 will not be a good experience unless they first unlearn some ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving so they can achieve something other than the same outcomes forged from flawed lessons learned in the past.

If you walk into 2013 with the same way of thinking and doing things that brought less than desired results to your life in 2012, you can’t expect continuing to apply the same learning in a new year will bring different outcomes.

As a disciple of Jesus Christ, we are students or learners of the Lord. Sometimes, we don’t always learn a lesson correctly. Spiritual growth includes unlearning lessons we’ve adopted into our lives in defective ways, relearning some things we already learned but have let fall out of practice in our lives, and deepening our learning with fresh and greater insights about how to rightly follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

What are some things you’ve learned in the past that you need to unlearn as you face a new year? What are some things you need to relearn and reapply to your life in 2013? What are somethings you need to discover or deepen to grow as a disciple?