Make January matter and you’ll make 2013 matter …

Staring a New Year in the face, you’re likely thinking, dreaming, hoping, and asking God for His guidance.

It would be nice to have a little peace, a little rest, a little blessing, a little love, a few growth challenges … there are a number things that contribute to a “good year,” and it doesn’t take much to slide into a troubled one.

So how do you prepare to take on a new year in an effort to make it a “good” one? Here’s a great way to immediately begin shaping the new year into the kind of year you would like it to  be: use January as a month-long commitment to build and execute a template of all the positive attitudes, behaviors, and habits you want and need for building a great 2013.

We often do the opposite come January 1. We want a good year without having to work for it, so we saunter into a new year, coffee in hand, just waiting to be blessed. Doing so leaves us unready for whatever may come our way. So use January to prepare for making the rest of the year a successful, full, and productive experience. Push yourself spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally throughout January with maximum levels of discipline, focus, and effort. By pushing hard all the attitudes and behaviors you need and want for the year throughout the first month, you will be starting the year strong and will be building the positive habits you will need throughout the rest of the year.

If you don’t prepare yourself early in the year for the rest of your year, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling overwhelmed and perhaps even a little defeated long before you ever see June.