This man inspires me …

This past year, I stumbled across the dramatic photo above. I don’t know the man featured in the picture, but this single snapshot of him slaps me with inspiration.

I won’t even try to guess what he’s thinking or feeling as he is portrayed in this picture. You can see at a glance this man has real challenges in life, and it looks like he’s facing at least some of them with courage, determination, and creativity.

This is a great picture to take with you throughout 2013. When you’re faced with your own troubles, trials, and challenges in the new year, take a moment to look at this picture. Would you rather face your own difficulties, or exchange realities with him?

By the way, while you use his example for some inspiration, remember to pray for him. You don’t have to know his name or details of his life to lift him up to our heavenly Father. Your prayers on his behalf could help lighten his load.