Priceless partnerships …

That “Aha!” moment led to storyboarding your creative idea. You’ve captured it, and you’re thrilled about it!

Now what?

A great idea left as an idea is a dead idea. Great ideas executed become great experiences, great accomplishments, great realities.

A lot of people who consider themselves “creatives” are more dreamers than real creatives. That’s only because they leave many of their creative ideas on the mental vine to wither and die. They fail to understand or accept the fact that process matters. The process of taking a creative idea and turning it into reality is the vital link between a great thought and a great achievement.

I’ve worked with may creatives who understood their weakness was the skill of designing processes, of knowing how to take their great idea and turn it into a reality. These creatives can benefit greatly by partnering with someone who can see their vision and has the skill to develop processes needed to turn the idea into an achievement. It’s better to partner and produce than to play the lone ranger and simply wish.