Christians should stop eating fish …

Christians need to stop eating fish.

No, I don’t mean the scaly ones you reel in from water, I mean the new disciples you make when fishing for men.

Making disciples has one thing in common with sport fishing: it’s a “catch and release” process.

Sport fishermen revel in the joy of finding and reeling in a fish, then releasing it back into the waters from which the fish came, and then search for a different fish to catch. Discipleship is supposed to be sharing the Good News with the lost to make new disciples, then releasing them back into their communities so they can join the fishing for lost souls.

However, instead of releasing the new disciples, we entrench them in programs, activities, and various endeavors all in the name of “doing life” together. We’re supposed to release them so we can fish together.

Scripture says Jesus came to set the captives free; we tend to grab those freed captives and entangle them in a lot of things other than the purpose for which they were saved.

Are you releasing new disciples to go fishing? Or are you entangling them in the nets of activity?