Getting face-to-face with mortality …

“We just want him healthy!” was the final message received as part of an exchange of tweets with a friend on Twitter.

The father of this person had just been released from the hospital. It was the second time this month he had been rushed to the hospital due to a life-threatening situation. You can just imagine how deeply rattling it was for this family to face such serious challenges to a loved one’s health.

Indeed, all they wanted was for their father to be healthy!

Nothing sobers us so thoroughly or quickly as when the life or health of one we love is threatened. Suddenly, the mundane things of life don’t matter, and that big circle of things we thought was important becomes much smaller.

All you want is your loved one to be healthy!

As I thought about that mindset, I thought that’s similar to how God wants his children to think about, and feel for, the lost. It should rattle us deeply that someone — anyone! — would have their life and eternity threatened by sin. All we want for them should be that they be “spiritually healthy” by  knowing and receiving Christ as their Savior. Such a true concern for the lost should motivate us to introduce those who are dying from sin to the only One who can save them from it.

Does it “rattle” you that so many are spiritually sick and dying? What’s your response?