When all else fails …

With a tone of exasperation, the person concluded the description of his current woes by saying, “All I can do now is pray.”

He had done everything he was humanly capable of doing in taking on his troubles. Now that everything had failed, he figured the only thing left was prayer.

For some reason, we all too often think of prayer as a last resort rather than a first step. One reason for this could be in misunderstanding what prayer is.

Many tend to think of prayer as some mystical power source that may, or may not, work for them. We confuse what prayer is by applying scores of definitions to it. But simply put, prayer is talking to God.

In that case, why don’t we look at prayer as a starting point for anything in life? What is there that we wouldn’t want to talk to God about? How could we actually be making our problems bigger by thinking of prayer as a last resort rather than our first step?