Stopping for directions …

You thought you knew where you were going, but the direction you took didn’t get you to where you wanted to go. So you do the manly thing … stop and ask for directions.

You walk into the gas station and start to ask, “Hey could you tell …”

“Hi, how’s your day going?” comes the sudden interjection from a smiling clerk behind the counter.

“Okay … hey, could you …” you begin again.

“Sure is a beautiful day out, hope you’re getting a chance to enjoy it!” says the clerk with the same persistent smile.

A few more attempts, with a few more friendly interruptions, and you finally get the directions you wanted and leave.

While driving away, you feel the tension between receiving friendly service and someone trying to be friendly when all you wanted was unattached, impersonal directions.

We often feel a little uncomfortable when someone steps uninvited (even just a little) into our lives. But we rationalize that sometimes you have to “go along to get along” and interact with others to accomplish what we really want.

We take that same selfish relational approach with God. We want and need God’s direction for our lives, but all too often we really don’t want the friendly banter and relational interaction that comes from approaching Him for guidance. We just information and assistance, then thanks, we’ll be on our way now

But God doesn’t like to point.

God isn’t the clerk behind the counter, He’s our Maker who is sovereign over all persons and things. While God is not there to be used for our whims or needs, He delights in pouring out the richest of blessings, mercy, and grace upon those who accept His offer to become His adopted children … and treat Him like their Father.

Not like a gas station clerk.

How do you treat Him?