Friendship is a gracious thing …

Once again, a posting on Facebook by a friend has stirred my thoughts. The photo and message below is what captured my attention …

This grabbed me because I think most of us can relate to it in a couple ways.
First, you can probably relate to the direct message of having, among your circle of friends, that one who is more awkward and struggles a little more than others. They may not be naturally “cool,” as talented, or as graceful as your other friends, but they are your friend.
As such, they need to be kept a little closer, encouraged a little more, occasionally protected, and clearly loved. This is the friend we are blessed to be able to serve a little more than the others. But this friend often blesses us with great loyalty, by loving us back, and keeping us humble.
Second, you may be able to relate to the image and message above because you’ve been that “one friend.” At some point in your life, you may have been the one who was the less graceful, yet welcomed into a circle of friends who loved you and treated you as if you were the greatest person they’d ever met. You may have personally experienced what it’s like to have people you admire treat you as equals and love you as a friend.
However you may relate to the picture above, we can be encouraged with either side of friendship.
“A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need,” Proverbs 17:17.