Making the jump to new heights …

Take a moment to watch the video below …

You muster all the courage you possibly can.

You’re going to go for it!

You line up, make your approach, then jump!

And fail miserably!

In front of everyone!

The lady in the video thought she could make the jump but didn’t come close. She was able to laugh about it when she found herself on the ground, far short of her goal.

She may have failed at her ultimate goal of jumping over the bar, but she achieved something most of the people watching her didn’t: she put herself in the game.

Engaging, trying, executing an effort changed this woman; she’s no longer a spectator. She might not make it over the bar on her next try, but chances are she’ll come closer to the goal. As she lay rolling on the ground laughing about her initial wipe out, you can bet she was realizing what her mistakes were the first time around …

… she didn’t take it seriously enough because it looked so easy …

… it’s not quite as easy as it looks …

… next time, build a more explosive approach …

… explode UP and over …

… she’ll do better next time.

And, eventually, she’ll clear the bar.

That is, if she continues to try.

Achieving new heights requires us to

  • take ourselves out of spectator status and engage,
  • learn from failures by assessing what went wrong and how we can fix that on the next attempt, and
  • persist until we finally achieve our objective.

You’ll never reach new heights standing on the sidelines, watching others make the jump. You have to put yourself in the game.

What are you standing by watching others do that you should be engaging in yourself? What will it take for you to engage? When will you make the jump to the next step of growth in your life?