When is YOUR kingdom mission accomplished?

Well-known pastor and author, Rick Warren, is working on plans for a purpose-driven retirement.

Warren has stated he plans to retire in 2020, although his “retirement” will not really be so much a retired life as it is making a transition out of his current pastoral position and pursuing other activities. Warren won’t have any problem keeping himself very busy with kingdom work throughout his retirement years.

As Christians, when do we “retire” from active service for God’s kingdom? When do we say we’ve done enough, we’ve served enough, we’ve made our last contribution?

We see an answer to that in the example of Jesus as we move toward Easter Sunday. Jesus was born into this world for a specific purpose, and now, as He hung crucified on a crude Roman cross, He was almost finished with His mission.

But even as the life ebbed out of His tortured body, Jesus makes arrangements for the care of His mother (John 19:25-27), and when a criminal crucified next to Him calls out to Him, Jesus promises they will be together in paradise that same day (Luke 23:32-43). Jesus was serving all the way to the cross, and even from the cross, until He drew His last breath.

When it comes to our service in the kingdom of God, there is no retirement, just transitions. That’s because our service to the Lord isn’t a job, it’s a family responsibility as children of the King.

Are you actively engaged in serving the King of kings as His ambassador (2 Corinthians 5:20)?