A little PR in exhange for prosperity …

Lou Gehrig was once hired by a breakfast cereal company to promote a cereal named “Huskies,” but when the radio interviewer asked Lou what he attributed his strength and stamina to, he quickly answered, “Wheaties.”

Gehrig didn’t have any personal knowledge of the product he was hired to promote, he was just pursuing a means of prospering himself.

That’s often the same situation many people professing to be Christians find themselves in. When asked about the source of strength for their lives, they might mumble something about God, but they don’t really have a personal knowledge of Him. They’re just willing to promote Him as a means of trying to prosper themselves.

God isn’t looking for a celebrity to be His “pitch man,” His invitation is for everyone to have a personal and direct relationship with Him; not for the purpose of pursuing personal prosperity, but for the incredible blessing of being known and loved by the God of all creation.

Are you pursuing God to know and love Him personally? Or are you just pursuing the things of God?