Off to a good start …

One of the baristas at the local Starbucks recently described to me and his co-workers how he played volleyball first thing that morning before heading out for college classes.

Many of the locals I knew in Hawaii would hit the beach at sunrise in an attempt to get in some surfing before going to work.

Several of my friends in California can be found at dawn every morning pounding the pavement for a few miles of running before getting a hot shower, eating a healthy breakfast, and then heading out for a long, slow trek of commuting to the office.

Many people I know are up before the sun, praying, worshiping, praising God, and studying the Bible before spending time over breakfast with the family prior to everyone splitting up for the days’ adventures.

And many others hit the snooze button repeatedly, are desperate for a cup of coffee before being a decent human being to talk to, and are already tired before walking out the front door to start another day … often running late.

How you start your day is just that: how YOU choose to start your day. It’s a choice that will set the tone for all the rest of the day.

You don’t actually expect to have a vibrant, energetic, positive, healthy, peaceful, blessed day by choosing to start each day poorly, do you?

Or do you?

How do you start your day?