Which of these will transform your life?

The times we’re living in are known as the “information age,” where information is more abundant and easily accessible than any time in human history.

In spite of that fact, the most information can do for us is contribute to making some changes in our lives (sometimes radically), but it cannot transform our lives. If it could, we would not need God.

If all we needed to fix our broken selves was information, then an ability to read and a diligence to do so would result in a lot of perfect people. But even the greatest scholars among us remain imperfect.

Yet, many seek information for change, thinking that will ultimately result in transformation. But the Bible teaches us transformation comes only by surrendering our entire lives to God so that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be transformed from sinful to holy.

Real transformation is the power of God unleashing us from the stranglehold of sin and death and, through a new birth, being born-again as holy children of God.

Simply put, God transforming you into the holy person He desires you to be is the only means of total life transformation; information is just a tool for partial and imperfect change. The pursuit of gaining information cannot bring the change God provided through His Son at the cross:

“For by that one offering he forever made perfect those who are being made holy,” Hebrews 10:14.

Growing in knowledge is a good thing, as it helps us understand how to live out the holy lives God has called us to. But if you really want a transformed life, the sinful must become holy, and that can happen only through a whole life surrender to Jesus Christ.

So which is the greater pursuit in your life: seeking more information, or seeking to be holy as God is holy?