Try answering this question …

Would you rather have people praise you for your accomplishments, or speak well of you personally?

When we work hard to accomplish something, it’s nice when people take note and even comment. But ultimately, to be thought well of as a person can bring getter value than just being acknowledged for what we do.

Have you ever thought about this in terms of God?

I know, what God has done already, and continues to do, strikes us with awe. His story is truly beyond amazing. His “accomplishments” of redemption and unparalleled love, mercy, and grace, are “accomplishments” we must never stop talking about.

But we spend an inordinate time talking about what God does in comparison to who He is. What we sometimes fail to fully grasp is that God does what He does because of who He is!

When we keep our conversation about God focused only on what He does, it stirs gratitude and thanksgiving. But when we include in our conversation an awareness of who He is, it stirs us to worship, praise, adoration, hope and love — it moves us more to a relational desire for God than just seeing ourselves as receivers of His great accomplishments.

To best understand and relate to God, we need to understand that His actions flow from His character; we need to know who He is to understand why He has done what He’s done. But often we tend to lack in meditating on who He is, and instead simply enjoy what He has to offer.

The enjoyment you receive from what God has for you will be enjoyed much more greatly when it is received with an understanding of who it is that offers such great blessings.

What do you know of God’s character? How would you describe Him to others? Based on the character of God, what can you expect from Him?