ATTENTION: We interrupt your life for a very important reason …

Some of the most important moments in your life may well be the interruptions that suddenly burst into it.

That was the case for Jesus during His earthly ministry. Just a few examples: when Jesus was teaching in a synagogue, He was interrupted by a man possessed by an evil spirit, so He delivered him of the possession (Mark 1:23-26); while Jesus was preaching in a house packed with people, a few men tore a hole in the roof and lowered their sick friend down on a mat to Jesus, who healed him (Mark 2:1-5); and while Jesus was teaching, the leader of a synagogue came to Him because his daughter had just died, so Jesus went and raised her from the dead.

Time and time again, the ministry of Jesus faced interruptions, and what we see from His example is that often it’s the interruption that is the ministry for the moment. Some of the greatest teaching, examples, and miracles of Jesus came from those moments when He was interrupted.

How do you treat the people who interrupt your life? What opportunity for ministering to others and glorifying God could come from your interruptions?