‘Tis the season for rainy day reading …

Summer tried to hang on, but it’s gone already, being replaced by some rainy days of fall.

What pairs better with a rainy day than a good book and a cup of coffee?

If you supply the coffee, I’ll offer up five books worth reading from among the more recent reviews I’ve posted.

My top recommendation would be the mini hardback, “Plastic Donuts” written by Jeff Anderson and published by Multnomah Books. This is an outstanding book on “giving that delights the heart of the Father.” Read my complete review here http://bit.ly/17icZzm.

“I Am Not But I Know I Am” by Louie Giglio (published by Multnomah Books) will help you rediscover the greatness of God. Read my complete review here http://bit.ly/ZdbEF3.

For those long rainy days, when you need a big hardback and you’ve got a whole pot of coffee on the stove, you might want to dive into, “Jesus – A Theography,” by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola (published by Thomas Nelson). When studying the life of Christ, you usually have to read from a historical context, or a theological perspective. Now you have a new option. Read my complete review here http://bit.ly/15vIgyo.

As you settle in on the couch and think you absolutely must add a title on leadership, then try “I Am A Follower: The Way, Truth, and Life of Following Jesus” by Leonard Sweet (published by Thomas Nelson). This is the best (and one of the most important) books on leadership I’ve read in years. You can read my compete review here http://bit.ly/wdaD2W.

Quiet rainy days can be perfect for pondering the important. The Church is important, and Joshua Harris can help you better understand “Why Church Matters: Discovering Your Place in the Family of God” (published by Multnomah Books). Read my complete review here http://bit.ly/19DKtuT.

Those are just a few recommendations for reading on a rainy day.

But sunshine or rain, don’t forget to make a priority opening the Bible everyday and spending valuable time drawing closer to God through His Word. He’s the best author I know!