“Church” starts today …

It’s Monday. Church starts today!

In spite of the significant effort your pastoral staff puts on getting you and anyone else to walk through the church building doors on Sunday morning, the real work of the church begins on Monday.

That’s when the children of God get up and walk back into the world as they go to work or school, and do what they do every day of the week. It’s the church walking into the world, and that’s where the greatest ministry of the church happens.

Your preacher will never preach so dynamically that your entire city will be drawn to come listen to him. You’ll never have programs so fantastic the whole community will want to be involved. You’ll never be such a perfect church family that everyone will insist on joining. So you’ll never win your  city for Christ by trying to squeeze them through the doors of the sanctuary.

However, if every church member were equipped by church leaders to be ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor. 5:18-20), then on Mondays you would have a flood of ambassadors for Christ pouring out the love and Good News of Jesus Christ all across the city as they go about their daily routines.

The results of this happening will be church growth. Not because of members trying to get people to “go to church,” but because the church went to the city and revealed Christ to it. Taking Christ to people is the most direct way of seeing more people walk through the doors of your church building.

And for all the right reasons.

It’s Monday. Church starts today. Go show someone Jesus!