The need for negligence …

If you look at the lives of many who profess to be disciples of Jesus Christ, and compare them to the promises of Jesus, you often see a striking contrast.

So is Jesus a liar?

Or could there be some other explanation for the divergence?

Could it be that we’ve failed to plan into our lives the neglect that is needed to realize His promises? Let me explain what I mean …

A celebrated, young concert violinist was once asked what was the secret to her success.

“Planned neglect,” she responded immediately.

Then she explained, “Years ago I discovered that there were many things demanding my time. After washing breakfast dishes, I made my bed, straightened my room, dusted the furniture, and did a host of other chores. I then turned my attention to violin practice. That system, however, failed to accomplish the desired results. So I realized I had to reverse things. I deliberately set aside everything else until my practice period ended. That program of planned neglect accounts for my success!”

Jesus has His own version of “planned neglect” He urges us to implement into our lives …

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need,” Matthew 6:33.

Are you focusing on the non-essentials to the detriment of what is really important? Or are you exercising “planned neglect” so that priorities are proper, and promises become realities?