Putting prayer on the move …

I routinely hear churches report very few people attend any prayer services or prayer gatherings they have. Often, it’s just a handful of praying faithful at such meetings.

But a faith family that doesn’t pray — and pray together — is a spiritually impotent body.

Well, if you’re having difficulty getting folks to come to the church building to pray, then why not try taking the prayer gatherings to the people?

Let’s say you have six people on your prayer team that meets every Tuesday night at the church building to lead a prayer service open to all. Try assigning each prayer team member to leading a prayer gathering in a home of a church member; have each prayer team member and each person hosting in their home invite and encourage others to join them for prayer at the home they’re assigned. Next week, have each prayer team member move to another home, etc. Over a period of time, you will likely build multiple locations of new prayer teams in homes.

The result could be many more members of the body meeting to pray together. If you wind up with five or six people praying together in 25 or 30 homes, you’ve greatly expanded the prayer life of your congregation!

Trying something like this will take some planning, coordination, and good communication so people will know week by week where to meet to pray together. But it could be a fun, casual, and more intimate way of bringing together the body of Christ for prayer.