BOOK REVIEW: This is a terrible book …

When a book isn’t well written, I try to be as gentle as possible in my review. But when it comes to “Ingredients For Success: 10 Best Practices for Business and Life” by Joseph Slawek (self-published by Kickstand Books), I must be concise and straightforwardly say this is a terrible book.

The author is CEO of FONA Inc., an executive who attempts to take a few passages from scripture and mangle them into “secrets for success” in business, and supposedly life as well. He generates from these scriptures 10 “best practices” for life and business, and then you would assume the remainder of the book would be an exegesis of these scriptures.

But it isn’t.

Instead, there’s plenty of stretching of these scriptures, but even more so, it’s a continuous, undeveloped rambling that never gains significance or conciseness in its message. At times, you think the author really wants to tell his own story, and he certainly wants to  promote FONA. But then he’ll try to jump back to a point, only to toss in a few others as well.

“Ingredients For Success” is just a mess of content, with poor use of scripture and an unfocused purpose or clarity of message. To be fair, the author sometimes makes some good points, but those are randomly discovered in a hodgepodge of writing.

This book is proof that just because you can afford to publish your own book doesn’t mean you should. My recommendation is to not waste your money on this book when there’s so many more out there you get much greater benefit and enjoyment from.


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