Time to do a little match-making …

I’ve gone on one blind date in my life, and that was one too many.

One of my sisters wanted to match me for a date with a co-worker of hers. Being a fairly adventurous person, I thought, “Why not?”

I later was very grateful it was a group date because my sister couldn’t have connected me with someone who was more of a mis-match than her friend. I was polite and a gentleman throughout the evening, but I was happy when the outing was over because it was an awkward time of just trying to be friendly with someone I had no connection with in just about any way.

Some people love to try to match single people as couples, and occasionally some are good at connecting people. Others avoid trying to pair people because it can be so disastrous. But all of us can perfectly match anyone when it comes to introducing people to Jesus Christ.

He’s perfect for all of us!

He loves us unconditionally. He’s selfless. He cares about us completely. He’s totally committed to us. He’s faithful and loyal. And He can fulfill anyone’s life like no one else can. He’s given Himself to us, and we were made for Him …

“… Everything was created through him and for him,” Colossians 1:16b.

Jesus is the perfect match for anyone you know (or don’t know!). If you haven’t yet tried to connect others with Him, you really should do so. Today would be a great time to start!