When the hype is greater than the reality …

So great is the notoriety of the Stradivarius violin that even people who have never played a violin are familiar with the reputation of this fine instrument.

The problem is, that reputation may not live up to reality.

In a current article by CBC News, “… 10 award-winning violin soloists [were asked] to test six old Italian violins including five made by Stradivari and six new violins to find one to play instead of their own violin during a hypothetical concert tour … New violins outscored the antique violins six to one when the researchers tallied the Top 4 from each violinist and took into account which instruments were rejected outright as unsuitable” (you can read the complete story here http://bit.ly/1kDzvt0).

The danger of a lot of hype is not living up to the reputation.

We often create that kind of dangerous hype about our church services. God will always live up to the reputation He has created for Himself in the Bible, but we often miss the mark when it comes to delivering what we say people can expect this Sunday “at church” …

“Don’t miss the message this Sunday, it will blow you away!”


Are people blown away by your preaching on most Sundays?

Do throngs of people leave your services after a life-changing experience just by showing up and hearing you preach?

Are their interactions with your congregation routinely so amazing that the hype you broadcast each week matches the real experience of the visitor? Or even the regular member?

When your hype exceeds the reality, you’re asking people to start their interaction with you by not being able to trust you. Unless you deliver what you promise.

So why not scale back the hype to the truth, and trust the Holy Spirit to do what He will with that?