Mix it up, because it all matters …

We can be quick to minimize our means of serving others. We’re fast to find the least we can do and then take credit for having done something, even when we could have done so much more.

But with that said, sometimes it is the “little” things that do make big differences.

There’s a barista at the local Starbucks who, for the past eight months, I have never seen smile. Not one time. Not even slightly.

She usually doesn’t work the counter taking orders, but last week she did, which meant I had the opportunity to interact with her. When I stepped up to the counter and saw her, I immediately made it a mission to see if I could possibly motivate a smile from her. After she took my order and handed me my coffee, I thanked her … somewhat profusely.

That’s when it happened.

She smiled!

It was very quick, leaving her face immediately after displaying itself, but it was there.

Mini mission accomplished!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel just a little better when someone has done something that motivates them to smile. And if you’ve never once smiled in public for months, I can’t help but think even a flash of a smile did something good inside.

It probably didn’t change her life, but it probably added something to it, if at least in that single moment.

Those things do matter.

Little things and big things matter.

We can’t change the world every day, but we can have an effect on it. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small. Use all the ways available to you. Mix it up. If you can do something big, costly, and risky, do it! If you have a small opportunity in front of you, take it!

Mix it up, because it all matters!

And the compilation of those big and little things are used by God to help change lives.

So at the very least, see if you can cause someone to smile today.