How to sail through life …

After my first experience on a sailboat, I thought to myself, “I could become addicted to this!”

A few more times on a sailboat and I knew I wanted to become addicted to sailing! I cannot adequately describe with words the utter peace and joy I experience as the wind propels the boat through the water.

Unfortunately, my opportunities to go sailing have been limited. I’m hoping for at least a few more.

As I stumbled across the photo above, it reminded me of my passion for sailing. But it also reminded me of God’s design for us in living together as the body of Christ. The photo is a great shot of a few men working together to enjoy the beauty of sailing. Everyone is needed, cooperation is required, there’s work involved, and at the end of the day, it’s exhausting satisfaction.

On some days, living life in the family of God is like having strong men join you on your boat. They come aboard to be your crew through the waves of your life journey, and you just couldn’t make the sail without them. Other days, you’re stepping aboard one of their boats to serve as crew, putting your back into helping them hoist their sails.

On Monday mornings, you leave the safe harbor of the fellowship you enjoyed “at church” on Sunday to journey back into the world. Take some faithful crew with you by staying connected throughout the week, being encouraged and challenged by members of your faith family throughout the coming days. And return the service by crewing for them, encouraging them and being there for them throughout their week.

When it comes to sailing through this life, we’re all in this boat together.

“God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another,” 1 Peter 4:10.