How to get your pastor off your back in one step …

A pastor was leading a group from his congregation on a tour of the Holy Land. He had just read them the parable of the good shepherd and was explaining to them that, as they continued on their tour, they would see shepherds on the hillside, just as in Jesus’ day.

The pastor wanted to impress the group, so he described how, in the Holy Land, shepherds always lead their sheep, always walking in front to face dangers, always protecting the sheep by going ahead of them.

The pastor barely got the last word out when, sure enough, they rounded a corner and saw a man and his sheep on the hillside.

There was only one problem: the man wasn’t leading the sheep as the pastor had described. Instead, he was behind the sheep … obviously chasing them!

The pastor turned red.

Does it seem like your pastor is always chasing you about something?

Would you like to get your pastor off your back? Here’s a one-step process that should do just that: Live every day of your life fully surrendered and obedient to Jesus Christ.

Do that, and your pastor will likely not be chasing you.

Do that and you’ll become who God wants to shape you into, and you’ll live a life of loving God and loving others, to His glory.

That’s really why your pastor chases you, to help lead you into a fully surrendered life in Christ. If you don’t have to be pushed, prodded, externally motivated, or otherwise provoked to live your life that way, then he won’t have anything to chase you about.

But when you stray from that kind of life, it’s the same as a sheep wandering from the path he should be going, and any good shepherd will pursue the straying sheep.

Are you grazing in the pasture of surrender? Or is your pastor chasing you because you’ve strayed from a life devoted in every way to God?