Let this tragedy motivate you to act to help others …

As a kid, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of Mork from Ork. Part of me thought the TV alien played by comedian Robin Williams was funny, and part me thought he was a little weird … but I watched the show regularly.

And yes, like so many others, I was weird enough to parrot the phrase, “Nanu nanu!” while making the corresponding hand gesture.

My initial impression of this energetic man would be somewhat of a lasting impression over the years as I watched Williams in different performances, of which his role in “Dead Poet’s Society” remains one of my favorites.

Williams loved to  make people laugh, but we’re not laughing today.

Instead, millions are mourning the early demise of the man who made us laugh, but couldn’t find enough to laugh about in his own life; instead, he lost an ugly battle with depression that resulted in him taking his own life.

So many of you who laughed at the hilarity of Williams’ characters can also relate to the depression the man suffered from because you struggle with it yourself. You know the pain of depression personally. Williams was fortunate enough to be able to get help for the different maladies he struggled with in life, but the average person cannot afford to get the same kind of help.

It’s time we change that!

It’s time that we do more than continue to just mourn the loss of person after person who lose battles they could win if they just had the help they need. It’s time that we join together to help people — perhaps people just like yourselves! — who need some help to not only get through the day, but to get through life well, healthy, happy, but especially, to get through life whole!

That is both the mission and vision of the Scott Free Clinic — to remove the barrier of cost so that ANYONE can have access to competent, quality clinical counseling, advanced coaching, couple communication training, fitness consulting, Pastor Care, and consulting with churches. All of these FREE services are designed to help change lives, support pastors, and improve churches so that lives can be changed by the thousands! This ministry not only reaches out locally, but serves people, pastors, and churches regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Even though this ministry is still in its developmental stage, last month we had the opportunity to step into the lives of three people whose lives were spiraling out of control and had become suicidal. Fortunately, they asked for help and we were able to provide it. But many, many more people have also asked for help and are just waiting for us to be able to provide help for them. To be able to offer the needed services, all we need are the financial resources to fully launch this ministry. Once those are in place, we will be able to offer these critical services to anyone without cost.

Could you help us with a donation toward our being able to launch this ministry? Could you donate $5, $10, $25, $100, or even more? The cost to launch and operate this ministry is significant; any amount offered is a great help, but we also need men and women, churches and businesses, who can dig deep and make large contributions toward launching this vital ministry.

All donations to the Scott Free Clinic are fully tax deductible. If you would like to join us in helping to change lives, you can give either online or by mailing a check. If you would like to give online, you can do so through our Fiscal Sponsor, Hope Christian Church, at the church website here www.hopechristianchurch.net. Just click on the “Donations” tab near the top right of the website, fill out the information and make sure to write on the “designations” box “Scott Free Clinic” and your donation will go to this ministry. You can also donate by mailing a check made payable to Hope Christian Church, and please write on the memo portion of your check “Scott Free Clinic” to designate the donation toward this ministry. The check can be mailed to:

Hope Christian Church
149 Grobric Court
Fairfield, Ca. 94534
You can learn more about this ministry by viewing our video, which includes a couple of real life stories about changed lives, at this link http://youtu.be/xTD7VlVfay0 (one change regarding the content in the video is that our ministry headquarters is now based out of Oregon rather than California) and you can explore our ministry website at http://www.ScottFreeClinic.org.
By joining in supporting this ministry, you help make available to the hurting and those losing hope a much needed resource for help. It WILL make a difference in many lives!
Thank you for both your prayers and your financial support!
Dr. James Scott, Jr.
Founder & President, Scott Free Clinic