BOOK REVIEW: An exciting telling of a faithful life …

You believe God has given you a vision for ministry, so you boldly step out in faith to obey His call and turn that God-given dream into reality.

Then everything seems to go wrong, and in a very big way.

Most would turn tail and go home. David Livingstone refused to do so.

Because of his great faithfulness in pursuing what he believed his mission was, God used Livingstone in a way that impacted people around the world. Fascinating us with his telling of that story is author Jay Milbrandt, who manages to keep us riveted to the pages of his new book, “The Daring Heart of David Livingstone” (published by Nelson Books).

Most people think of Livingstone as a great missionary, yet he had only one convert who would not remain faithful. Livingstone is also thought of as a great explorer, but he never found what he was looking for. But far fewer know that Livingstone was the sole person most responsible for bringing an end to the East African slave trade. By enduring great hardships and persevering tremendous trials, God would even use Livingstone’s “failures” to accomplish more than this man realized before his painful death.

Milbrandt’s impeccable storytelling skills takes the reader from Livingtone’s hero status in London, back onto the rivers of Africa, and winds us through the troubles, trials, and tragedies Livingstone would witness and experience before bringing us to a final triumph. Packed into the action captured in these pages is the revealing of the real man who we learn was heavily flawed and not initially very personable. But God would use the difficulties of traversing Africa to mellow and shape Livingstone into a man who only — and desperately — wanted to be used by God.

“The Daring Heart of David Livingstone” is a story that can inspire you to examine your own heart and inquire of yourself just what you might be willing to dare and endure for God. That’s more than enough reason for me to heartily recommend this book.


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