Important personal prayer request …

I am a praying man and believe in prayer. My public prayer requests are usually few, narrow, and more often than not ministry-related, and I have never used this blog for such a personal matter. But I need to ask for prayer support, yet I’m not sure where to begin. I will limit the information.

Today (Friday) I was the victim of a malicious crime.

Some people I’ve known and ministered to in a significant way (according to the key person committing the crime) had access to all of my personal belongs, especially all of my clothing, and they destroyed them. This included soaking them in lake water and rolling them in mud before then dousing them in paint and glitter, and finally ripping and tearing them. Other than the pair of jeans and hoodie I was wearing, not much remains besides a few gym clothes and a couple hoodies. Things like a heavy leather coat, winter leather gloves, a few suits and sport coats, slacks and shirts for times when I need to dress more professionally, jeans and t-shirts for casual wear, a good pair of wildebeest cowboy boots and hiking boots, even my 49ers cap — all destroyed. Imagine if you had all your belongs in a room which caught on fire. A few things might remain while most are destroyed – that’s my current situation.

The sheriff’s department got an immediate confession from an adult female and two teens. I didn’t know the teens were involved until the end of the investigation, and that impacted my decision about charges. The deputy was prepared to present them with a charge of felony destruction of property that wouldn’t provide restitution but could result in jail time and a fine. I was able to meet with the father who had just returned from a business trip; he was a shocked and broken man. There is a time where justice is the route to pursue, and there’s also a time for grace. I pray it was God’s wisdom given to me as I chose the route of grace, as I believe this father can have an opportunity to step into this situation and bring about more real healing and restoration than felony jail time and fines would, at least at this time. He did not have the means to repay the damage. The destruction of my property may have been the tragedy that can open the eyes of this father as to how broken this family is and be the harsh wake-up call needed; if that is the case, then it is well with my soul.

But I share this request because I’m a little bewildered about how to start from here. I now pretty much have “nothing,” and no resources at all to replace any of the destroyed goods. Yet, I’m grateful I have an outfit to wear, along with a pair of worn out and hole-y Nikes, and it appears my Bibles were spared. And I wasn’t there to be subjected to violence. So, I say God is good, all the time! Yet I write all this seeking for your prayer support because the very human part of me is feeling some loss. I don’t need much, but I do need some things, and those things are now gone. Would you simply pray with me for God’s guiding from here? I trust Him with all that I am, and I know He’ll lead me forward from this. I’m just not sure how to take the next step right now. He’ll help me figure it out, and your prayers will be a sustaining source of strength. Thank you for reading this, and for praying for me. God bless you all!