This summer, get equipped to be an effective disciple-maker!

Jesus Christ was concise and clear in commissioning His church: “… Go and make disciples of all the nations.” At Hope International University (HIU), we believe that an essential part of being a highly effective disciple-maker is being well prepared to share one’s faith. One way to do this is our online “Relational Evangelism” course offered through our School of Advanced Leadership Training (SALT).

More than 35 years ago, John Hendee developed a comprehensive model for equipping Christians in how to make new
disciples by being trained how to use “A Peace Treaty With God”.  He developed this while serving as Minister of Evangelism at Central Christian Church in Mesa, AZ. Since then many people who have been trained in the use of this model have used it to lead thousands of people into a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ among people of different cultures around the world.

Recently, this approach has been revised, updated, and renamed as “It’s All About Relationship” (IAAR). It is a powerful model for effective twenty-first century disciple-making/evangelism. The IAAR model employs a deceptively simple-looking (but biblical!) process that has embedded within it a highly effective relational approach for creating opportunities to share the Gospel one-on-one using a comprehensive but concise and powerful tool to make new disciples.

Individuals and groups of any size may take the course through HIU’s Open Class course format for only $50 per person. This course can also be taken for credit at a cost of $300 (for Bachelors or Masters level credit). Churches wanting to transition to being a disciple-making church will find this course exactly what they need to train an army of ambassadors for Christ to be effective in sharing the Gospel. 

The Scott Free Clinic’s “Partnership for Ambassador Training” component provides an ambassador’s support and coaching
network which course participants will be invited to be part of as a way to help you be successful at applying your training once you leave the virtual classroom. We want to see you succeed in reaching the lost in your own communities for Jesus Christ!

To sign up for the course, contact Phil Towne at If you have questions about this training opportunity, contact John Hendee directly at or you can contact me at

If you have any questions about the course, we have available a more detailed document we would be happy to send you, and we would also welcome an opportunity to talk with you personally about it. Just email John Hendee or you can contact me. I want to encourage you in the strongest way I possibly can to get involved in this course, it can transform your personal effectiveness as an ambassador for Christ, and it can transition your church into being a disciple-making church.