What does your flock really want from its shepherd?

Pastors, the authentic Christians you lead do not want you to be their CEO or model for them how to be a successful executive.

They are unimpressed with your organizational acumen. They are unimpressed with your side business consulting other pastors. They are unimpressed with your vast social media audience.

So what do they want?

A shepherd! A prayerful man of God who leads them spiritually by the Word of God as he is empowered by the Spirit of God. They just want you to teach and model for them how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, and to equip them for doing that.

A brief, simple, but expressive eulogy was pronounced by Martin Luther upon a pastor named Nicholas Haussmann at Zwickau in 1522. The reformer stated, “What we preach, he lived.”

That’s what your flock wants from you. They want you to preach the Word of God from the pulpit and with your life so they have an example of how to live what you preach, and they want to be equipped.

Is that what you’re providing for the flock of God that you tend to?