The Leadership of Scott Free Clinic

Board of Directors

Dr. James Scott, Jr – Founder & President

Dr. ScottDr. James Scott, Jr. has a unique mix of education, training, and experience to minister to the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. With a B.S. degree in Theology, an M.S. degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, and a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Scott has served as an ordained minister for over 30 years and has been counseling for nearly as long. His pastoral ministry has also included planting a church and supporting the planting of additional churches. He is a Charter Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and holds memberships in AACC Divisions of Addiction and Recovery Network; Grief, Crisis and Disaster Network; and Marriage and Family Network, and is also a member of the Society for Christian Psychology. Dr. Scott is also a full member of the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA). Through the NCCA, Dr. Scott is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor – Advanced Certification, and a Certified Temperament Therapist. Dr. Scott is also NCCA Board Certified in Marriage, Family, Sexuality, and Addiction therapy. Dr. Scott is also a Certified Instructor for the internationally-acclaimed, award-winning Couple Communication training program and a Certified Principal with Accelerated Christian Education. For several years, Dr. Scott was a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and still maintains certification with dotFit (partner with NASM) as a certified Fitness Professional and is also certified with NASM as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Dr. Scott is also a writer who enjoyed a stint as a newspaper reporter and desk editor. He has written 14 books and numerous articles on a variety of topics, as well as writing curriculums and original materials for churches and clinical counseling. He continues to write for his own popular blog that was relocated to the Scott Free Clinic website and many of his articles are re-published by other popular sites reaching hundreds of thousands of church leaders. His favorite place to be is on a beach anywhere, and he also enjoys any opportunity to be on a sailboat or to travel internationally.

Jayme Swearingen – Chairwoman of the Board

Jayme Swearingen

Jayme grew up in the San Francisco bay area and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University. She has worked with children in both private and public schools and homeschooled her daughter. She currently works with special needs children as a substitute teacher for the Solano County Office of Education and is actively involved with a local middle school youth group. She lives in California with her husband, Mark, and their daughter. In their spare time they enjoy camping, hiking, and the outdoors. Jayme was a founding member of Scott Free Clinic’s Board of Directors and served a term as Secretary of the Board.


Steve Rhoades – Director

Steve RhoadesSteve grew up in the Midwest and went to college at the University of Missouri. He has been married to his wife, Janet, for more than 30 years, and they have two lovely daughters, Karen and Sarah. Steve grew up in the church and was an active member at Cross Bend Christian Church in Plano, Texas, for more than 20 years before recently joining Bent Tree Bible Church. His profession is software development and he is a Partner in RNA Holdings, LLC. That company develops and writes software for the pharmaceutical industry and the majority of its customers are pharmacies and long-term care facilities. Steve also has his own company, Medicine Creek, Inc., that builds and supplies computers and servers. In his spare time, Steve enjoys bow hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors. Steve was a founding member of the Scott Free Clinic’s Board of Directors


Robin Gerhart – Director and Secretary of the Board of Directors

RobinRobin lives in Lancaster, Ohio, a city southeast of Columbus, Ohio with her husband, Warren. They have been married for 46 years and have two children and 10 grandchildren. Two of Robin’s grandsons are autistic and she works with her oldest grandson every other weekend to help him gain more independence and social abilities. Robin has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with 25 years’ experience in the field of accounting. She started her own marketing company in 2010 and now also runs the back office of her husband’s plumbing /boiler preventive maintenance company. They were saved in 1972 during the “I Found It” campaign held in Cleveland, Ohio. Robin and Warren were instrumental in planting New Life Canal Church in 1999 when they covered the cost of the new plant by signing documents putting up their home as collateral for the needed resources. Their current life verse is Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Robin and Warren are living this daily, trusting God and being transformed by the renewing of their minds. He has their free will, they choose to live trusting Him daily.

Pastor Dennis Thurman – Director

DennisDennis Thurman is a native of Asheville, NC. For a period of ten years, he lived in the Charlotte area and for the last 25 he has been back “home” in the mountains of Western North Carolina. He is now pastoring his fifth congregation, Pole Creek Baptist Church. He is a graduate of Fruitland Baptist Bible College and Luther Rice Seminary. Dennis has served on many different boards in North Carolina Baptist life, and is currently a Sunday School consultant with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. God has blessed him with a great wife, Marilyn, as they prepare to celebrate 42 years together, and that union has produced five wonderful children and so far, twelve grandchildren.


Pastor Dave Roberts – Director

DaveDave lives in Bournemouth in the United Kingdom with his wife, Youngmi. He was born in a small country town about 300 miles northwest of Sydney, Australia. It wasn’t until the late 1980’s that he first heard the gospel. When he did, he grasped hold of it, made it his and was baptized. It was then he learned the value of being personally discipled. Dave visited the UK from Australia for six months of travel around Europe … that was in 1990 and he’s still there! Dave views this extended stay in the UK as God having a sense of humor. He knows Dave doesn’t like rain, cold, and in particular, the two mixed together! He has even given Dave the most beautiful of women as a wife … but she doesn’t like hot weather (such as in his native Australia)! In 2003, Dave had a minor stroke and he views that as God giving him a clip round the ear to stop being stubborn and to listen to Him for direction. So instead of moving north from London with his job, he took redundancy and went off to Moorlands College where he graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology (with honors) with the dissertation “Is the Virtual Church, Church?” In 2007, Dave established a ministry called Partakers, primarily featuring podcasting, and to-date it has reached around the globe. In the last year alone, Partakers Podcasts have had over one million unique visitors. On the site is almost 2,000 podcasts and videos, with about a 100 contributors. As for the name “Partakers,” he got the idea from Matthew 5:6, which when paraphrased is: “Blessed are those who partake after righteousness for they will be filled.” He often engages in WOWChurching others on Facebook, as well as praying and counseling individuals as the needs arise. In 2015, Dave established PulpTheology as a branch of Partakers in order that the books are cheap to purchase, quickly published to a great standard, and are written simply and clearly in order to help people engage with theology by using both words and images. He also has two churches, or WOWChurches, that he runs and maintains. This ministry seeks to take WOWChurch into the homes of people who want to participate in church but are unable to get there. With Partakers, PulpTheology and WOWChurch, Dave actively seeks to help others hone and use their gifting using the internet and print media. He also engages with church online using Facebook to provide an experience of church primarily to people who are unable to get to church, usually because of health and disability issues. Finally, there is WOWDisciple, a 12-week Discipleship course as well as seminars. Dave travels frequently to speak in places including the United States and Australia.

Dr. Ryan Jimenez Ferrer, B.S. PharmD, RPH – Director

drferrerDr. Ryan Jimenez Ferrer is the husband of eight years to an amazing wife, Catherine, and a father to Nara, Naia, and their newborn son, Aodhan. He is also part of a church planting group sent out from Momentum Christian Church in Chula Vista, California, and is now currently serving as the Connections ministry director, city group/small group leader and prayer team member at Grace City Church in San Diego. He was first introduced to Jesus at First Christian Church of National City, California, where he originally met his wife. Ryan attended and finished his transfer studies and Associate of Science degree in General Chemistry from Southwestern Community College. He followed this by going to San Diego State University while working as a pharmacy technician at Scripps Mercy San Diego and in four years finished his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry. As the family moved further south in California, they came across a sign about a new church plant that met in a theater. After a few weeks of attending, they felt called to serve with this church and new community. The Ferrers became more connected with the church family by serving on the welcome team and Catherine served as Kids City director at Momentum Christian Church. In 2012, Ryan was accepted at the University of the Pacific to start his Doctorate in Pharmacy. However, this meant the family would be separated due to financial constraints and distance. By the grace of God they persevered and three years later he was offered the opportunity to pursue clinical rotations back in San Diego and to his family. It was during this time that Ryan felt Jesus and the Gospel grasping at his heart and subsequently rededicated his life to God and his family. A year later the Lord presented them with another opportunity to learn and extend his grace again. So in 2015, the family accepted the call to become church planters alongside Pastor Randall Tonini and his family. They subsequently moved to the University City/La Jolla area of San Diego to be closer to Grace City Church so they could live life on mission for Jesus in their city. In his professional capacity, Dr. Ferrer serves as one of the long-term care pharmacists from Ron’s Pharmacy where he is responsible for dosing, prescribing and dispensing medication and pharmacotherapy consultations to numerous skilled nursing, assisted living, hospital/geriatric and hospice care facilities from Orange county to San Diego. As a pharmacist and clinician his prayer is to use the skill-set God has allowed him to have to serve the city of San Diego and to build and offer free clinics around the city. In his spare time he enjoys being with his family, boxing, tennis, golf, basketball, football and travel.