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The Temperament and Cognitive-Behavioral Workbook

The purpose of this workbook is to provide you with a helpful tool for developing your self- and other- awareness by equipping you with insights from an integration of Temperament Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This workbook is NOT a replacement for clinical therapy, but a tool to use while working with a competent and skilled therapist, or for using on your own for basic personal development.




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Following Jesus

Churches today are full of people who claim to be following Jesus when, in reality, many are trying to have Jesus follow them. Just look at their lives and you see a self-orientation rather than a submission to Christ.

What does it take to really follow Jesus?

Dr. James Scott, Jr., explores some of the answers to that question in “Following Jesus,” featuring a collection of writings on the topics of faith, followership, fellowship, and obedience. This book is Volume 10 in the “Extraordinary Living” book series.





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Becoming A Better You

Becoming a Better You by Dr. James Scott Jr.
Are you perfect?

If so, this book isn’t for you.

But if you’re not perfect, if you know there are areas of your life in which you can — and should — make some improvements, then this book just might offer you some of the information, inspiration, encouragement, and challenge to start on a fresh journey of making some real life changes.

Featuring a collection of writings about change, choices, discernment, and personal development, author Dr. James Scott, Jr., shares insights from more than 30 years as a minister and clinical therapist helping people change their lives, learn how to make better choices, deepen their discernment, and develop as persons. If you’re ready to become a better you, let’s begin your journey!



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The Family of God

When we think of interacting with God as His adopted children, being able to do so sounds incredible! But when we remind ourselves that the “family of God” is actually what we routinely call the “church,” our thoughts might change a little … or a lot!

That’s because all too often what we experience as “church” often isn’t what we think God’s family should be like.

Pastor and Christian clinical therapist, Dr. James Scott, Jr., invites you to join him in an exploration of what being the “family of God” should or could be in his most eclectic collection of writings to date.






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Being a Person of Integrity

At a time when people have a vast assortment of sources for news about what’s happening on this planet, it seems scandals of some sort are routinely topping headlines. From secular society, to inside the church, integrity seems to be in short supply.

What does it look like to be a person of integrity?

In this book, Dr. James Scott, Jr., minister and Christian clinical therapist, explores the topics of character, ethics, trust, and values to help us gain a better understanding of what it means to be a person of integrity. This book is Volume 7 in the “Extraordinary Living” book series.






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Real Christians Care

The church is the bride of Christ, literally the family of God! Yet, the church in the West is in decline. Something important is missing …

“In my more than three decades of serving in the church, it’s my opinion that the one highly critical aspect that is missing in today’s church is the love of Christ. For too many who profess to be Christian, we fail to care,” claims author, Dr. James Scott, Jr.

“Real Christians Care” is an eclectic collection of writings by Dr. Scott on this vital topic of caring, as well as related topics of compassion, generosity, kindness, selflessness, and serving. As you explore these topics, one thing becomes abundantly clear — real Christians care! This book is Volume 6 in the “Extraordinary Living” book series.





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Maybe I Need to Get Fit …

One of the most beneficial, exciting, scary, challenging, fun, exhilarating, sometimes difficult, but rewarding things you can ever do is to get your body into good physical condition, and then maintain — and enjoy! — your fitness for a lifetime.

“Maybe I Need to Get Fit …” is a collection of writings about getting and staying fit. You may find this book full of just enough information, inspiration, and challenge to get you going on your own adventure in pursuit of better personal fitness. This book is Volume 5 in the “Extraordinary Living” book series, and the shortest book in the series, making for a quicker “read” and a lower cost.






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Leading in the Church

Leading in the church is more than a job, more than a career, more than a profession — it’s a vocation, a calling.

At least, it’s supposed to be,

Yet we find ourselves at a time when many church leaders act like CEOs and integrate business models into their church leadership.

What should church leadership be? What comprises effective, biblical ministry? What’s the role of preaching and teaching in church leadership?

“Leading in the Church” is an eclectic exploration of what being a leader in the church could and should be. Using a collection of writings on the topics of church leadership, ministry, preaching, and teaching, this book will likely challenge some of your current ideas about church leadership and inspire you to examine what leading in the church should really be. This book is Volume 4 in the “Extraordinary Living” book series.



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Doing Life Together

Being human is an extraordinary experience, perhaps even more so whenever you put two or more humans in close proximity to each other. Figuring out how to “do life together” is a challenge of a lifetime!

Using a collection of writings spanning the topics of relationships, friendship, marriage, and human behavior, Dr. James Scott, Jr. uses this eclectic compilation to explore the different ways people connect in life — successfully and otherwise.

“Doing Life Together” is Volume 3 in the “Extraordinary Living” book series featuring a variety of writing collections from the popular “Extraordinary Living” blog.





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40 Days of Living the Way

Do you desire to draw closer to God?

Do you want to walk more fully in the Spirit?

Then let’s begin a spiritual adventure to do just that!

40 Days of Living the Way” is designed to serve as your personal guide for a 40-day spiritual adventure for you. Six chapters, 40 daily lessons, and even a personal journal are packed into this guide to lead you through 40 days of “growing deeper” into God’s Word to explore more fully what it means to live the Way with Jesus.

Come along for an extensive, intensive time of drawing closer to God. This could be the spiritual adventure of a lifetime!

NOTE: This book was written as a guide for a 40-day spiritual adventure for Hope Christian Church. But it can be just as beneficial to you, individually, and for your church! If your church would like to use this book for its own spiritual adventure, we can easily re-brand it at no additional cost.


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Talking With God

Our relationships are forged from and shaped by words, from the conversations we have with all kinds of people in all kinds of settings.

Talking connects us to people!

Imagine, then, what that means when it comes to the topic of prayer!

“Talking With God” is a collection of 34 favorite posts on the subject of prayer from the popular “Extraordinary Living” blog (and is Volume 2 in the “Extraordinary Living” series of books). Written in almost a devotional style, this eclectic collection of writings will stir fresh thinking about what it means to talk with God. Each post leads you into a different aspect of prayer, helping you explore what scripture says about conversing with the Creator of the universe.

Whether reading the book in a conventional manner, or using it as a daily devotional, the ideas shared are bound to challenge your current thinking about the conversations you have with God, and your need to talk with Him.

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New book by Dr. Scott

Lessons from the Holidays

Some of our favorite memories, deeply cherished moments, and most tightly held family traditions revolve around our celebration of the holidays.

With nature’s splendid kaleidoscope of color giving way to a snowy tapestry outside and an explosion of beautiful decorations inside, we indulge in delectable holiday treats, seasonal songs, ugly sweaters, and extra time with family and friends.

And don’t forget all those gifts we get!

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Or Thanksgiving? Or the celebrations of ringing in a New Year?

As beautiful as the season may be, these holidays offer more than just a flurry of festivities and material delights. Wrapped in the biblical story of Christmas are profound lessons that inspire, challenge, teach, and bless us. The Bible also has much to say about being thankful, and being wise stewards of our time and opportunities. “Lessons from the Holidays” is a collection of many favorite holiday posts from the “Extraordinary Living” blog that explore some of those lessons.

Whether you read the book alone, or share with family or a small group, digging into the stories of Christmas, exploring the subject of thankfulness, and probing how God gives us new opportunities can bring you a new gift this holiday season — the gift of priceless lessons learned. This book is Volume 1 in the “Extraordinary Living” book series.

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Effective Disciple-Making — Final2Effective Disciple Making for the 21st Century

You cannot effectively reach a lost and broken world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by inviting it to church. But there is a way to create relationships with non-believers, earn an opportunity to present the Gospel, and effectively share a more comprehensive telling of the Good News that often results in the making of new disciples.

“Effective Disciple-Making for the 21st Century Using the IAAR Model” is a compilation of short writings based on eight key elements of a proven model for making disciples that is taught in a “Relational Evangelism” class offered at Hope International University (HIU). This book is written as companion material for that course.

As part of the course, John Hendee, professor and Chair of World Evangelism at HIU, and creator of the IAAR disciple-making model, provides detailed instruction on how to use a relational approach to creating opportunities to share the Gospel, and equips course participants in how to present the comprehensive “It’s All About Relationship” disciple-making tool. This book challenges your thinking about the overall process of applying this proven model.

If you want to be equipped to be an effective disciple-making ambassador for Jesus Christ, or if you’re ready to transition your church or ministry from an attractional (or other) model for reaching the lost, this book and its related course at HIU will provide you with the proven model and proven training you need. Thousands of people from different cultures around the world have come into a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ because of the application of this disciple-making model. Now you can be trained to be just as effective in sharing the Gospel with people you know or have the opportunity to meet.

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Spiritual TEAM — Final 8.5x11As an ambassador for Jesus Christ, once you’ve made a new disciple what do you do with them? You “disciple” them by helping them become established in their faith and grow in spiritual maturity so that they become more and more like Jesus.

To help you with this, we are providing you with a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Discipling Christians Using the Spiritual T.E.AM.,” which is challenging, effective, and fun discipleship material featuring a 13-week Rookie Season with an optional 13-week Veteran Season. These workbooks are designed to be used in small groups of two to six (ideally, larger groups can work also) to help provide spiritual “TEAM” or Training, Exercising and Maturing. The workbook comes with a complete set of instructions for how to use the material in a Spiritual T.E.A.M. team. If you have any questions or need assistance with how to develop a Spiritual T.E.A.M. discipling team, contact Dr. Scott at

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