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Making plans for 2017

planWe’re currently planning for ministry in 2017!

Okay, there’s an important caveat to that.

Our recent investment in couples by launching the start of a national tour of Couple Communication workshops has resulted in depleting nearly all of our operating funds. In order for us to continue functioning, and to be able to continue ministry into 2017, we must have a new infusion of funds.

BUT, we are trusting God for the resources we need now, next year, and to fully launch!

So, we are working on the possibilities of ministry for 2017. In that case, we’re reaching out to church and ministry leaders across the country and around the world, inviting you to connect with us if you have any interest in our free services in 2017, from being a host site for a Couple Communication workshop, or for speaking engagements, consulting, etc. If there’s a way you would like to partner in ministry with Scott Free Clinic, let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE by emailing our President, Dr. James Scott, Jr., at dr.scott@ScottFreeClinic.org.

Let’s change lives together!

Lets Invest in Couples Together!

coupleThe Scott Free Clinic will be rolling out its offering of the nationally-acclaimed, award-winning Couple Communication I training program in San Diego on April 1-2, 2016. After that, we’ll be offering the training in the San Francisco bay area, and then taking the training to other cities across the country, and hopefully to other countries as well.

More than 700,000 couples have benefitted greatly from participating in this training thus far. You can learn more about this training, and preview a video, on our website by clicking here.

In order to make possible this investment in couples, we need your help — your partnership — to take this outstanding training opportunity to couples. To make this training available, we need Care Partners willing to invest in couples. You can partner with us in making this investment by making a donation to the Scott Free Clinic, or by becoming a regular Care Partner to this ministry. To make your tax deductible donation, just click here.

We are also in urgent need of the donation of a new vehicle for regional ministry travel, including taking this training to locations regionally. If you can help us with this need, read the news item below titled, “A vehicle donation needed for the Scott Free Clinic.”

Finally, we invite and encourage your prayer support for our roll-out of this program. If you would like to be kept informed about the prayer needs of this ministry, you can click here to learn about how to become a Prayer Partner with the Scott Free Clinic.

Come be part of investing in couples, let’s work together to make this outstanding equipping opportunity available!

A Vehicle Donation Needed for the Scott Free Clinic

carEven though we’re still in our pre-launch stage, the Scott Free Clinic is in desperate need of the donation of a new car provided to the ministry as a tax deductible gift.

The vehicle being used now for ministry travel is an old car with more than 200,000 miles on it and is currently in need of repairs to continue to function (the auto repair shop owner strongly urges us to replace the vehicle ASAP saying it is unreliable and not worth the cost of the repairs currently needed). With our need for both local and regional travel by vehicle (travel beyond regional would be done by taking flights), we need a new car that would be able to rack up as many as 200,000 miles over the next 5 years.

This vehicle is needed to deliver services, such as teaching Couple Communication, as well as meeting with church leaders, consulting with churches, and expanding our network of churches we work with to provide services through.

We’re looking for any auto dealer, business, church, individual, or family (anyone!) who would be both capable and willing to donate such a new vehicle to the Scott Free Clinic as a tax deductible gift. If you can help us meet this need in any way, please contact our President, Dr. James Scott, Jr., at dr.scott@ScottFreeClinic.org.

SFC launches award-winning Couple Communication program

CC1picWe are excited to announce the Scott Free Clinic is now in the process of launching its offering of the internationally-acclaimed, award winning Couple Communication I training program.

Because we believe building great communication skills can powerfully impact the quality of relationship and level of satisfaction couples experience in their marriages, we’re now rolling out the very best training couples can get! It’s an internationally-recognized, award-winning training program simply called “Couple Communication I.” More than 700,000 couples have already participated in this program, which is the most formally researched marriage communication program available with 70 formal university-based studies conducted, all concluding significant positive results from participating in the program. This couple communication skill-building program equips couples to build collaborative marriage skills.

The Scott Free Clinic is launching its program of this training by inviting several churches to offer the training to couples in their congregations and their communities, and then will expand the offering for the training from there. You can learn more about the Couple Communication program on our website by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the program, or would like to know how this training can be offered at your church, please email us at dr.scott@ScottFreeClinic.org.

LET’S TALK! Scott Free Clinic hosts call-in event …

girl on phoneAre you familiar with those radio programs hosted by counselors where members of the public call the show and a mini therapy session is broadcast for all the world to listen to?

We’re NOT going to do that!

But the Scott Free Clinic will be hosting a call-in event where you can privately speak with our Founder and President, Dr. James Scott, Jr., about issues in your life. Dr. Scott can help you make some assessments and discuss with you some steps you can take to help move you forward in your life. Or, if you’d just like to connect with our President and learn more about the Scott Free Clinic ministry, he’d love to hear from you.

Whether it’s a critical issue needing some clinical insight, less pressing issues that you’d like to bring up, or an interest in becoming a friend of this ministry, you’re invited to participate!

The Scott Free Clinic Call-In Event is scheduled for Saturday, June 27 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific time. During that time, you may call 541-861-0779. If you call and receive a voicemail message, please leave your name, telephone number with area code, and a brief message and Dr. Scott WILL return your call as soon as he is available to do so.

Please don’t hesitate to make the call. We would love to use this opportunity to get to know you, encourage you, and help you if we can.

We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Equip parents and children’s ministry workers to effectively share the Gospel with children!

The eight-week online “Relational Evangelism” course taught by John Hendee through Hope International University trains participants to be highly effective disciple-makers using the “It’s All About Relationship” (IAAR) model for disciple-making.

BUT, when Jesus said, “… go and make disciples of all the nations …” (Mt. 28:19) He didn’t mean to exclude children. In fact, Jesus had previously said, “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children” (Mt. 19:14).joining_Gods_family

So we’re adding an exciting tool to the “Relational Evangelism” course specifically to help parents, and children’s and youth ministry workers to be able to confidently and effectively share the Gospel with children. “Joining God’s Family” is an evangelistic tool designed specifically for sharing the Gospel with children that Darrin Ronde developed and originally published in 1991. This tool is very similar to the IAAR evangelistic tool, but was created to communicate the Gospel to children. We will be making this children’s evangelistic tool available to the participants of the “Relational Evangelism” course and will be adding an instructional video to go with it.

The training you receive in the “Relational Evangelism” class will equip you to be an effective ambassador for Christ who is capable of sharing the Gospel with adults (just think of all the parents and other family members of those children you work with that this will help you reach!), and adding the “Joining God’s Family” evangelistic tool to your training “tool box” will round out your equipping as a disciple-maker. Now you will be fully trained to share the Gospel with children and adults alike!

Every children and youth ministry worker should be equipped to be able to share the Gospel with the children and youth they serve, as well as the parents and other family members of the families they work with. The online “Relational Evangelism” course is an affordable and effective way to equip your children’s and youth ministry team members to do the most important work of all: effectively share the Good News of Jesus Christ!

To register for the course, email Phil Towne at pbtowne@hiu.edu. If you have questions about the course, contact the professor, John Hendee, at john.hendee@cox.net. Click here to learn more about the training and the Scott Free Clinic’s Partnership for Ambassador Training ministry,