Ambassador Coaching and Support Network

Coaching & Support

Purpose: Provide support and coaching to graduates of the online “Relational Evangelism” course to help them transition their training from the virtual classroom to the field by the effective application of the IAAR disciple-making model, resulting in leading people to Christ.

What the network offers participants:

  • The ongoing fellowship and encouragement of other ambassadors for Christ through a closed group Facebook page. Share stories, ask questions, encourage and challenge one another, and stay updated through this Facebook connection.
  • An interactive online coaching segment each month or quarter to help further develop your skills at applying the IAAR model.
  • Email access with IAAR experts for any needed consultation regarding your success with implementing the IAAR model.
  • Occasional email updates and/or newsletters informing you of additional offerings or items that could contribute to your being a successful Ambassador.
  • Consulting with churches needing assistance in starting an ambassador program.

If you would like more information about the Ambassador network, or if you’re a “Relational Evangelism” course graduate and would like to join the network, contact Dr. Scott at or John Hendee at