Book by John Hendee

A Dragon Slayer's Life

A Dragon Slayer’s Life by John Hendee

dragon slayerIn “A Dragon Slayer’s LIfe,” John Hendee explores the concept of a dragon contagion that destroys human lives and important
human relationships. He reveals how we allow dragons into our lives-and how we can go about killing them instead of waiting for the dragons to kill us. By sharing the principles and his own life changing story with countless individuals from all walks of like, large groups of prisoners, men’s and women’s societies, your associations, recovery ministries, public schools and church groups, this book will help you understand how to turn the tide in your own battles between the spiritual forces of light and darkness.

Fighting our dragons is a lifelong battle; the older we get, the more scars we will have. Hopefully getting older also means the wiser we become concerning how dragons lie and deceive us about the damage we do to ourselves and others by believing and surrendering ourselves to them. In the end, we can chose to live our lives dominated and enslaved by dragons or to live our lives with freedom, peace, and true happiness. The choice is yours.

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