Is this relevant to you?

When queried, I’ve always clicked “No.” I’ve never clicked “Yes.”

I’m referring to the question that appears on the upper right screen when watching a program on hulu. Like many websites, hulu exposes its users to a lot of advertising to make its money. When a commercial comes on, the viewer will see a question on the corner of their screen:

“Is this ad relevant to you?” followed by a button for “yes” and another for “no.”

I don’t remember a single time, whether watching this site or viewing any kind of advertising, when I was suddenly struck with the overwhelming relevance and value of an advertisement. I’ve found some to be interesting, some to be entertaining, a few to be informative, many to be ignorant, but I don’t recall a single advertising message that held any specific relevance to my life.

That’s because most of the thousands of messages we are bombarded with each day in the form of advertisements are not “relevant” or essential for our lives. Few messages are.

But some messages are important.

For example, what your tired or frustrated spouse has been trying unsuccessfully to communicate to you might be fairly important for you to tune in to. Or what your children try to say when you’re only half listening.

Or — especially — what God is saying to you, if only you would hear. Now there is a message that has true relevance!

Who are you giving your attention to? Are you tuned in to God or the world? Are the loud messages from the world turning the Word of God into background noise? Or is what God has to say relevant to you?