A fresh recommendation on a recent book review …

Recently I wrote a positive review about Louie Giglio’s newest book, “I Am Not But I Know I Am” (published by Multnomah Books, you can find my original review here http://bit.ly/ZdbEF3), and would like to return to this review with an even greater encouragement that you check out this little paperback.

My heightened enthusiasm for recommending this book comes from the fact that in my thoughts, meditations, and studies since reading this book, I’m often recalling and drawn back to the contents of this book with the odd title. What was especially compelling about this book was that it doesn’t just help us see who we are in Christ, or focus just on who God is and what He’s like, but it does both in a brilliant way.

Developing a growing understanding that God is the great “I Am” helps us to understand we are “I Am Not,” and it’s the connection of one view to the other that broadens our understanding of both.

A book that continues to resonate a profound biblical teaching in a way that helps us better understand both God and ourselves is worth the time to read.