Portion control of spiritual proportions …

One of the keys to weight management, and even good health and fitness, is portion control, something Americans in particular have a real problem with.

Restaurants often lure customers in by promoting monstrous portions of culinary delights, and we think we’re being hospitable when we serve family and guests with heaping platefuls of food.

The truth is, we routinely eat much more than what is healthy for us.

That’s because we want more than we need.

We hear preachers talk regularly about not dreaming big enough and that we should ask God for more, but it’s become routine for us to ask God for far more than we need. We’ve forgotten the model for prayer that Jesus gave us, teaching us to ask for proper portions … “Give us today our daily bread …” (Matthew 6:11).

Why is it that God often doesn’t give us all that we ask for?

Because God knows what is best for us. “Best for us” might mean less, smaller, slower, quieter than what we wanted. God responds to our requests with the portion size that is best for us.

Have you allowed your desires to become obese? Do you routinely seek from God more than you need?