The idol of leaders …

The most treasured asset among those hungry to be “leaders” isn’t title, position, or power. It’s influence. Why a person wants influence in the lives of others, and how they use it, determines whether that influence benefits or harms another.

One day, a mother took her young son with her on a long shopping outing. After a day in the stores, a clerk handed the little boy a lollipop.

“What do you say?” the mother said to the boy, to which he replied, “Charge it!”

Simply by being in the life of another person, you will have some degree of influence. Are you careful about what you’re doing with it?

Jesus wants us to be people of influence, but having our influence be the example of Christ in us.

“I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you,” John 13:15.

What example are you using as influence in the lives of others?