If you want a great marriage …

Just like clockwork, the couple pulled up in their tan Honda sedan and entered the Starbucks store. He picked out a table and she placed their order. Then, hot java and a snack before them, they spend a part of their morning talking and smiling together.

You would think they’re best friends … because they are!

This couple has developed the habit of going to Starbucks every day, not just for coffee, but for each other. They’ve learned a vital secret to having a great marriage … making time for each other every single day, and by doing so, developing an enduring “like” for each other.

They’re an elderly couple, and their habit has kept them connected for decades. Not every conversation over coffee has been a happy one. But because they have made time each day for each other, they’ve been able to push through the challenges together, and as a result, to enjoy years of contented companionship.

“Well, it’s easy for them since, as elderly folks who are retired, they can go hang out at a coffee shop,” some are thinking.

It might be easier with more time on their hands now, but they didn’t start this habit yesterday. They were busy young people once also. They just learned that if they are really going to love each other and be committed to one another for a lifetime, they would have to make each other a priority every day of their lives.

Are you making time for your spouse? Or is focused attention with your spouse an occasional “gift” you offer?