BOOK REVIEW: A great book on how to build a happy marriage …

It’s been a while since I’ve been downright enthusiastic about recommending a book on the topic of marriage, but I am ready to do so!

“The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages,” written by Shaunti Feldhahn (published by Multnomah Books) is worth buying and reading today, and both husbands and wives will enjoy and get real benefit from this book.

Being both a minister and a clinical counselor, I have read scores of books on the subject of marriage. This one is different! Instead of being a theoretical book that teaches ideas, concepts, etc., this book is an easy and fast read walking you through the results of some research into what makes a highly happy marriage.

At first blush, I wasn’t impressed with the idea of these “secrets” coming just from data. After all, what one couple says is a good idea for a happy marriage may or may not be true in general. But I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of research and the outcomes compiled by Feldhahn.

The “secrets” Feldhahn shares comes from the compilation of three years of significant research with a mix of couples on the topic of how to have a happy marriage. Feldhahn then shares this data as simply drawn, easy-to-understand (and replicate) conclusions. As someone who has counseled thousands of people about marriage, I was expecting a more lengthy teaching approach. Instead, Feldhahn goes right to the point, “Here’s secret number 1 …” and gives you the conclusion. She spends a little time explaining why that particular conclusion works, and shows just enough of how it can be applied.

As Feldhahn unveils her data, I continued to identify as a counselor with the “why” that works, and knew the point she was making was solid. “The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages” is a direct delivery of the steps to take, and is less about the “why” of it, whereas so many other books about marriage spend most of their pages on the “why” and little about what to get busy doing.

I’m convinced if couples read and really put to use the information supplied in this book, they will have a reliable blueprint for making their marriage into a highly happy marriage.

Women quite often get more enjoyment out of books on marriage, but men can easily enjoy this book just as much. The chapters are short, the author gets right to the point, writes clearly, and lays out the steps in a way any reader can understand.

This would also be a great book for a couple to work through together. I can see a couple sitting down with cups of coffee and reading a chapter together, then talking about the “secret” in that chapter and discussing how they can incorporate it into their marriage.

To me, what makes this information work is that these “secrets” are already taught in the Bible. This book is a fresh demonstration of how couples today have applied truths long taught to make for a very happy marriage in our time.

Go get this book and improve your marriage!


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