BOOK REVIEW: A moving story worth reading …

I’ve said several times that everyone has a story, but not every story should become a book.

Tricia Lott Williford has a story, and fortunately it has become a book, one I think you will be blessed by reading.

“And Life Comes Back” (published by WaterBrook Press) tells the very personal story of Williford enduring the trauma of unexpectedly, and very suddenly, losing her husband. One minute he’s the picture of health, a loving husband in a loving marriage, and a wonderful father of two young and energetic boys, and then just a few hours later he dies on his bedroom floor.

What a tragic story!

However, don’t think this is a long, drawn out story that just attempts to milk emotion from you. It’s very different than that. The prologue captured my attention, and I was in tears by the end of chapter one. Rest assured this story will definitely pull on your emotions, but in a good way.

The first half of the book delights the reader with a beautiful picture of what a marriage filled with love between two imperfect people can be like. You can identify with both the husband and the wife, and connect with similar experiences and challenges. And then you will be rocked by a poignant picture of heartbreaking loss that forever tears apart a marriage so many readers would love to emulate.

The only weak moment in the book is the sudden shift about midway through when the author shares that not every moment in the marriage was picture perfect, and begins to move the reader into the aftermath of loss. It’s weak only because the reader goes from a flowing love story to seeing some of the hardness without a transition. Beyond that, the story continues to work out as the writer shares how life begins to come back to her, one agonizing day at a time.

Williford is a gifted wordsmith. The story flows so smoothly, so effortlessly, and so interestingly, that there’s hardly a spare, unneeded word. One unfolding story is unveiled through multiple smaller stories, each of which will hold your interest through the myriad ways you can relate to the many things that make up life that we tend to think so little of until its too late.

“And Life Comes Back” is also a story of faith. The mutual faith of a loving couple living for Christ together, and the faith of a widow who has to discover how to live again when her life companion is wrenched from her life.

This book will move you, perhaps challenge you, and certainly inspire you because it’s just one of those beautiful stories that should be told.

And read.


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