What’s in your mirror?

The image above has been plastered all over social media sites because we all can relate to it.

We all have dreams we want to turn into realities, and when we step in front of a mirror, we see the potential God has planted into us. We know He has been growing us to become the lion in the reflection.

But for the moment, if we were to be honest and see what the mirror truly reflects, many of us are still cats.

George Bernard Shaw understood this “mirror issue.” Shortly before he died, a reporter asked him, “Mr. Shaw, if you could live your life over and be anybody you’ve known, or any person from history, who would you be?”

Shaw thoughtfully replied, ” I would choose to be the man George Bernard Shaw could have been, but never was.”

So when are you going to become the lion in the mirror? How much of your God-given potential are you going to leave untapped? When are you going to take the steps to fully become the man or woman God intends you to be?