How much of what you’re doing matters?

It doesn’t take a New Year to be a good time to seriously weigh how much of what you’re doing with your life actually matters.

I took a few hours of my life yesterday to listen to the football game between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions. I have several friends who are Cowboys fans and who are hoping this is the year their beloved Cowboys finally … finally! … make it back to the Super Bowl.

Talking about the Cowboys in the big game, Super Bowl XXVII between the Cowboys and the Bills was interesting on many levels. It turned out to be the Cowboy’s third Super Bowl victory. It also turned out to be the Bills third consecutive Super Bowl loss. But perhaps the most interesting statistic is the time of play. Although from kick-off till the final gun took three hours and 23 minutes, actual play time (from snap to whistle each play) took only 15.7 minutes.
When all is said and done in your life, one of the most important statistics will be the amount of time you spent here on earth that actually mattered. When the final whistle is blown, the actual play time will be the sum total of those moments when your heart was moved to action by the love of God. Everything else will be as forgettable as commercials and time outs. Everything else is fluff and filler.

I’m not saying we don’t need a little “fluff” in our lives. Every waking moment isn’t going to be profound. There’s still dishes that need washing, laundry that needs to be done, and a yard that needs to be mowed. But our priorities — which are represented in what we do with our time — are choices, and they can be directed to make more out of our lives than a pile of fluff.

How are you going to spend your life this year? When you’re contemplating goals for 2016 and look back on this year, will there be a pile of fluff or a life lived through and for Christ that made a difference in the lives of others in a way that glorified God?