This weekend could boost your relationship with your spouse or significant other. Find out how …

A lot of the work I do with married, engaged, or courting couples gets very deep. But sometimes, things that add a little boost of intimacy are simple acts of thoughtfulness.

This weekend is a great opportunity for ladies to offer something to their husbands or significant others — a thoughtful little gift — that any sports-loving guy will love!

Even though any time we give it should be with the other person in mind, you ladies should know this idea could return benefits to you in spades! Moms, this could boost the quality of your gift for Mother’s Day that is just around the corner. Wives, this could be a way to be able to pad your “honey-do” list. Single ladies, this could be a way to get a little more attention from your boyfriend.

What’s the possibility?

Well, if your guy loves sports, you should know this weekend is one of the biggest sports weekends of the year. This is the kind of weekend where the male sports fan longs to indulge in spending the weekend in front of the t.v. with his remote control and comfort foods.

What’s in store this weekend?

Well, actually starting tomorrow, we have the NFL draft! Also coming this weekend is the first real, BIG boxing event in a long time as Floyd Mayweather, Jr. takes on Manny Pacquiao. If that’s not enough, both the NBA and the NHL have the semifinals going on, the Yankees will be squaring off against the Red Sox, and there’s even the running of the Kentucky Derby.

All this weekend!

Some ladies will make the mistake of bearing down on their sportsman significant other and creating tension and distance as she insists he mow the lawn, clean out the garage, and go to her parent’s house for a barbeque. Anything other than get in front of his big screen.

But ladies, here’s a chance to give your guy a gift. You can tell him the weekend is his, and he’ll be as excited as a little boy! And chances are, after all the events are over this weekend, your guy will step back and see you gave him a weekend to splurge in “guy stuff” and he’ll respond with gratitude by doing things for you or giving you more attention, or both.

This isn’t heavy duty relational science or theology of marriage, it’s just basic human interaction where we give simple gifts that are appreciated by those receiving them. And as we give, we receive.

So, ladies, if your guy is a sports fan, I encourage you to give this opportunity consideration, but quickly so. After all, the draft starts tomorrow!